These 15 to 20 minutes video magazines were produced during the World Parks Congress (2014, Sydney) and IMPAC3 (2013, Marseille). They highlight the proceedings of the marine stream and it provides a short, crisp and to the point summary of the day.

IMPAC3: Magazine for Day 2

, by Ocean+ TV

Watch this magazine on the theme of the "Science and knowledge in the service of effective management", the key theme of the day 2 of the Congress.


Recent videos

, par Ocean+ TV

This webinar titled "Keeping the Promise of Sydney - Next Steps for the Marine Agenda from the World Parks Congress" was originally aired on 8 January 2015.

, par Ocean+ TV

Torre Guaceto Marine Protected Area (MPA) is located in southeastern Italy (southern Adriatic Sea), it covers about 2220 hectares. The MPA has a coastaline of about 8 km from the Apani area till the littoral of Punta Penna Grossa and it extends from the shoreline to a depth of 50 m.

, par Ocean+ TV

Engaging youth encourages young people to become active community members and hence contribute significantly for ocean conservation. In this video young students from landlocked western Canada share their opinion on ocean conservation.


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